Specifically regarding my approach to photography, my own personal journey or "way of the artist", as it were, is complex and difficult to convey in a short paragraphy. My philosophy is to "free myself from time and ego in order to stop or capture time". My mindset, when shooting, is choosing subjects that especially appeal to me. In my instance, I tend to gravitate towards architectural settings. I can only describe the actual experience as a form of dream like awareness. The goal for me is a symbiotic unity with the object (subject matter) of the photograph. The camera, in essence, is the conduit or vehicle for that process. I would attempt to describe it as a form of "meditation in action". Ideally, I strive to stop "thinking" of the process and simply lose myself to it. That is much easier said, but very difficult at times, to actually do. The ultimate goal is to move beyond time, space and ego, and through the vehicle of the camera merge with the subject matter. It is not an attempt at perfection, but an ever increasing striving towards excellence.